Has your home or workplace been affected by an intrusion of water?

Here are few frequently asked Questions when this happens to you:

If you don’t see the answer you are looking for please do get in touch with us via our contact page or by calling us on 0800 122 3910 and we will be pleased to assist you.

What equipment do you use?
We use industrial grade equipment specifically designed for the purpose at hand. Please view the following videos to see examples of some of our equipment.

Who do we contact first?
By calling ADS first will potentially mitigate further damage to your property.

Our Technicians aim to be with you within 90 minutes, they will trace where the water is coming from and undertake any necessary repairs to stop the intrusion.

What are we covered for?
This all depends on the level of insurance you have, however as a rule of thumb Buildings insurance will cover you for the trace and access element of the claim, the repair of the actual issue (say split pipe) falls to the property owner.
What do we need to do?
Keep Safe! If you can turn water and any electrics off safely then do so, however, DO NOT PUT YOURSELF OR OTHERS AT RISK! If you’re unsure wait till an ADS technician arrives.
What sort of Floods will ADS deal with?
ADS will deal with all floods from small domestic to large-scale natural disasters including foul water.
Do you fix leaks?
ADS are equipped to deal with a small leak from a sink to major escapes and multi affected units. These can be from storm damage, foul water leaks, burst pipes, tank leaks to name just a few.
What damage will the water do to my property?
Water damage if not dealt with correctly can be devastating. Porous materials will absorb the moisture and can affect the structural integrity of the building materials. Secondary damage can lead to mould growth, bacteria and rot. 
Will we have to move out?
This, unfortunately, depends on the severity of the leak and what has been affected. ADS use the most up-to-date drying technology to keep this from happening however, in the worst-case scenario ADS will ensure the time away from your property is minimal.
Will my health be affected?
Bacteria and pathogens are present in grey & black water and contact should be avoided if at all possible. Mould spawns are also preludial to heath and the best way of preserving your Health is to remove yourself from the area and wait for professional help to arrive.
How will you deal with the project?
Our first task is the safety of you and the others affected. Once we have made sure everyone is safe we will make the buildings safe and start liaising with your insurance company. ADS can dry your building and carry out any repairs however big or small.
What will it Cost?
Again, this all depends on the scale of the escape of water. ADS will not carry out any works without giving a free quotation so there will never be any hidden costs.
How long will it take?
This is very difficult to estimate as every job will be different. ADS will Evaluate each job on its own merits and using the best drying techniques ensure that the amount of time is kept to a minimum.
What happens to my personal possessions?
ADS, on your instruction, can box up and have stored and possessions which are at risk from the flood. We will photograph and items that have been destroyed and can liaise directly with your contents insurance in regards to any possible claims.
Who will rebuild my property?
ADS can rebuild all types of property’s, from small repairs to full rebuilds you will only need to deal with one port of call and ADS will have you back in your home or workplace as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.
How do you avoid harming the environment?

All our processes use only the most environmentally-friendly products available. For example:

  • Chemical products. All our chemical products are selected by us to minimise environmental damage.
  • Soda blasting. If any spillages occur in the process of soda blasting the soda will disperse and cause no damage to the environment.
  • Latex cleaning. Once dried, the latex we use in is peeled off and is disposed of immediately.
  • What accreditations do you have?
    We are accredited by:
    The British Damage Management Association (BDMA)
    The Contractors Health and Safety Scheme (CHAS)
    Federations of master builders (FMB)
    Safecontractor, the scheme that assesses health and safety competency
How do you ensure customer care?

Whether we are dealing with insurers or policyholders, nothing is more important to us than customer care.

  • Up-front. We are up-front when it comes to providing costs, and provide free, no-obligation quotes.
  • Transparent. We keep insurance companies and their clients up to date with all stages of the work. Everything we do is agreed in advance and carefully logged.
  • Feedback. We ask each client to fill out a feedback form. These are reviewed every single month – we are always searching for ways to provide an even higher standard of service.